Where to Buy Art in London

Where to Buy Art in London?

London is a city full of culture and history and has long been a popular location for the art world. From world-class museums and galleries to independent art markets and emerging artist studios, there are countless places to explore and purchase art in London.

Whether you’re an art collector looking to invest in original art, limited edition pieces or just looking to add to your walls with a unique piece, this guide will lead you through the diverse and dynamic art scene of London.

Throughout this blog, we will be exploring where you can art in London. For more information, read on!


Commercial Art Galleries

If you are looking for established and renowned artist’s work, London’s commercial art galleries are the place to start. These galleries showcase both contemporary and classic art pieces, offering a wide range of styles and mediums.

Some notable galleries include the Saatchi Gallery, which is located in Chelsea. This contemporary art gallery features cutting-edge works by emerging artists from around the world. It’s an excellent place to discover fresh talent. There are a range of famous UK artists that you can invest in, so you can rest assured there is something for everyone!

Next, we have the Tate Modern art gallery. This is located on the South Bank of the Thames, Tate Modern is a must-visit for contemporary art lovers.

It is home to an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art, including works by iconic artists like Picasso, Warhol, and Hockney.

The Whitechapel Gallery is found in East London and has been promoting contemporary art since its establishment in 1901. It hosts a diverse range of exhibitions and events, showcasing the work of both established artists and emerging talent.
Another popular art gallery is Hauser & Wirth, with locations in Savile Row and Somerset.

This international gallery represents a range of influential contemporary artists. Their exhibitions often push the boundaries of artistic expression.


Auction Houses

London is home to some of the world’s most reputable auction houses, where you can find both contemporary and historical art.

Participating in an auction can be a thrill, whether you’re an experienced collector or you are new to the art industry.

Firstly, we have Sotheby’s auction house which was founded in London in 1744. Sotheby’s is one of the oldest and most respected auction houses globally, with auctions showcasing various categories, including fine art, contemporary art, and antiques.

Another popular auction house is Christie’s. This house has been hosting art auctions since 1766. Their London location regularly features high-profile sales of fine art, rare collectables, and more.

Bonhamas is an auction house known for its expertise in various art categories. It is a more accessible option for collectors looking for a wide range of pieces, from contemporary to classical.


Art Fairs

Another popular way you can buy art is through art fairs. They offer an opportunity to discover and purchase art from a diverse selection of artists, galleries, and dealers.

These events are not only a chance to buy art but also to immerse yourself in the art world’s latest trends. A well-known art fair is Frieze London and it is held annually in Regent’s Park.

It is one of the world’s leading contemporary art fairs. It brings together over 160 of the world’s leading galleries, showcasing cutting-edge contemporary art.

Next is the London Art Fair. This fair, located in Islington, focuses on modern and contemporary British art. It’s a fantastic place to explore works by both emerging and established British artists.

Another popular art fair in London is the Affordable Art Fair. As the name suggests, this fair aims to make art accessible to a broader audience. It features a wide range of art at various price points, making it an excellent place for first-time buyers.


Independent Art Markets

Another way you can buy art in London is through independent art markets. These markets often feature local artists and artisans, making them a great place to find unique and affordable pieces.

On Sundays, Columbia Road Flower Market and Art Sunday transforms into a bustling market featuring not only flowers but also a range of art and crafts stalls. It’s a charming place to discover local talent.

Located in the heart of the historic Spitalfields area, the Spitalfields art market showcases works by local artists and designers. You can find everything from paintings and prints to jewellery and ceramics.

Finally, we have the Brixton Village Art and Craft Market. Brixton Village is known for its diverse culinary scene, but it also provides a vibrant art and craft market. Explore the stalls to find unique artworks and crafts.


Online Art Marketplaces

Buying art online has become increasingly popular in today’s society. There are a range of online marketplaces that provide for a wide range of budgets and tastes, making it convenient to browse and purchase art from the comfort of your home.

Firstly, we have Saatchi Art. This is an extension of the Saatchi Gallery and it offers a vast selection of artworks by emerging artists worldwide. You can explore various styles and mediums and purchase directly from artists.

Artfinder is an online platform that connects art buyers with independent artists. It offers a wide range of art, from paintings and sculptures to photography and prints.

Another popular online marketplace is Artsy. This is a comprehensive online platform that allows you to browse and purchase art from galleries and auction houses worldwide. It’s a great resource for exploring a broad range of artists and styles.


Contact Art Investments to Discuss Your Investment Options

London’s art scene is full of creativity, offering something for every art enthusiast. Whether you prefer to browse renowned galleries, engage with emerging artists, or search for unique pieces at independent markets, London has it all.

Whether you are new to the art investment industry, looking for extra advice and guidance or looking to buy affordable art pieces, then our team of art experts at Art Investments can help.

Now more than ever is the best time to invest in art as the return on investment (ROI) is continuing to rise. Our aim is to make fine art accessible to all – so begin your art investment journey today with Art Investments.

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