Where Can You Buy Blue-Chip Art?

Where To Buy Blue Chip Art

Blue-chip art is artwork that’s been made by high-value artists, such as Damien Hirst and David Hockney. Borrowed from the stock market, the term ‘blue-chip’ refers to profitable, established stocks or art pieces.

Artists who produce blue-chip art often have a proven track record and create artwork that’s sought-after by thousands of art collectors.

Typically sold for high prices, blue-chip art is wanted by many. Investing in blue-chip art is considered a safe bet for most investors, usually because they know it will resell at a more significant profit at auction houses.

Knowing how to deal with the art market can be tedious, especially if it’s your first time doing so – most investors build close-knit relationships with art advisors before making a purchase.

The most promising places to look for blue-chip art are art auctions, galleries and online reselling sites. It can be exciting getting your hands on a piece of blue-chip artwork.

The Art Investments specialist team has put this blog together for first-time investors and long-term collectors to learn more about blue-chip art. Read on for more information.


What is Blue-Chip Art?

Blue-chip art is highly desirable and sells for large sums of money. Often purchased by people with a larger budget, blue-chip art is sold at a high price and makes a profit. Art investing is becoming increasingly popular, with more people reaping the financial benefits that come with it.

Historically, blue-chip art was invested in by both the rich and ultra-rich. Fast forward to 2023, blue-chip shares are not only becoming more affordable, but it’s easier to access. Although blue-chip art is a safe investment, many people enjoy collecting high-end artwork and gaining knowledge of well-known artists and their work forms.

Referring to well-established artists, blue-chip art is bought because it’s pretty much guaranteed to have an increased value over time and has a solid reputation to do well at auctions, markets and online reseller websites. The reason blue-chip art is so popular is that most buyers don’t like taking a risk and want to invest in artwork that’s guaranteed to either hold its value or increase in price over time.


Prominent Blue-Chip Artists

Some popular, well-known blue-chip artists include Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Pablo Picasso to name a few. With a trustworthy reputation, paintings, prints and sculptures curated by blue-chip artists sell on the market quickly and increase in value as the years go on. Although print work isn’t anywhere near the original in value, plenty of artists make limited edition batches that sell at a high price.

Not all blue-chip artists are still producing art to this day – take Picasso for example. Regardless of whether their artwork was recently created or accomplished in the past, their established status in the art world makes their artwork highly sought after.

Both retired and active artists can be considered blue-chip artists. Other prominent blue-chip artists include Jean-Michael Basquiat, Claude Monet and Banksy. Banksy is a notable artist within the industry, having made a name for himself with his unique, political street art.

Fine art, contemporary art and modern art are different art types that can be purchased when art investing, especially if they’re created by blue-chip artists.


Main Reasons to Invest in Art Investment

Investing in blue-chip art means that you’re guaranteed to make a financial profit when it comes to reselling. Blue-chip masterworks are wanted by many – you can save getting stressed or worried about whether your investments will sell if they’re blue-chip.

You can rest assured that blue-chip art is a tangible investment. Despite the fact that most blue-chip artwork comes with a weighty price tag, it’s a truly great acquisition. There are many appealing factors that come with investing in blue-chip art, but the fact it’s a safe type of investment is top of the list.

It can certainly be daunting to invest your hard-earned money in art pieces, which is why so many collectors play it safe and only purchase blue-chip art. You can expect to have multiple investors bid on one piece of blue-chip art.

It’s not so much about the content of the art itself when it comes to blue-chip pieces – who the works have been produced by is what makes the artwork popular among collectors. There are blue-chip artists from all around the world, with many well-known curators being from the United Kingdom.

Apart from the apparent factors as to why blue-chip art investment is becoming increasingly popular, the process behind finding blue-chip pieces and being able to purchase them to add to your collection is incredibly interesting and privileged. Some of the most famous, established pieces known by thousands across the globe are considered blue-chip.


Blue-Chip Art at Art Investments

Here at Art Investments, we have a team of dedicated art specialists to help with any ongoing questions or queries regarding blue-chip art. If you’re genuinely interested in art investment but want to start off small by collecting pieces created by smaller artists as opposed to blue-chip, you can invest in art with as little as £3,000.

Whether you want to build your art portfolio or expand an existing collection, you can rest assured that Art Investments will be able to help. We can act as professional advisors, giving advice and guidance on when’s the right time to invest and what you should be investing in.

Sharing our wealth of experience and knowledge, we’re able to help you make the best decisions in regard to investment. 81% of ultra-high-net-worth individuals invest in art, with many of them showing interest in blue-chip compositions.

Annual growth is averaging between 8% to 12%, meaning that investing in blue-chip art still comes with a great profit margin when it comes to reselling.

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