What Is An Art Advisor?

What Is An Art Investor

An art advisor is a professional who helps clients build and manage their art collections. Based on investment purposes, good art advisors will educate their clients on what pieces are best to purchase. Advisors have proficient knowledge in art management and extensive experience dealing with clients who are interested in collecting art.

Able to evaluate all artwork types, art advisors help to determine the authenticity of a piece before purchasing for private collectors. It can be challenging for avid art collectors to know how valuable the pieces they’re interested in are – this is why having an accomplished art advisor to utilise their understanding is beneficial.

Knowing which art compositions are profitable when it comes to buying art can be difficult. With numerous galleries, auctions and art fairs available to visit in an array of different locations up and down the country, finding a definitive place to purchase from can prove to be tedious without specialist advice.

There are many reasons why having an art advisor is worthwhile, especially if you’re purchasing art as an investment for private collections. To find out more about working alongside an art advisor, continue reading.


The Role of an Art Advisor

The role of an art advisor differs depending on the type of client they’re working with. Typically, an art advisor’s role is to provide expert advice to individuals. Thanks to their extensive knowledge within the industry, advisors are able to give an insight into the art history whilst helping clients build their collections over time.

It’s great to have a skilled art advisor to work alongside you who is knowledgeable in the art world. Not only do art advisors have a wealth of perspicuity about well-known artists, but they also know how to deal with the hardships and difficulties that come with purchasing from the art market sometimes.

An art advisor is a connoisseur, keeping up to date with important news with appreciation and mastery in dealing with both past and present art pieces. With a keen eye for art, advisors are able to guide you in the right direction and advise you on the best artwork to purchase.

Knowing the authenticity of a piece of artwork is essential when it comes to purchasing pieces for investment purposes. Art advisors can give you clear advice that allows you to finalise a purchase – with proficient recognition for costly art, you can trust an art advisor’s guidance.

Accommodating your art taste, advisors tailor their expertise and put their all into helping you source the best art pieces. Many advisors specialise in a specific genre of art, which is great for those who know what they’re looking for. It’s always great to work alongside an art advisor with similar taste to yourself.


How an Art Advisor Can Be Beneficial

Art advisors know about an array of art types, including public art and contemporary art to name a few. More often than not, experienced art advisors will have experience with international art, which is ideal for clients who want to source artwork from various parts of the world.

Acquiring art can be challenging, but not when you’re working alongside an art advisor. Whether you want to add to your existing collection, make a profit or just start out, you can rest assured that it’ll be an easier, more enjoyable experience with an art advisor at hand.

If you’re investing your money, having the right advice is key. Regardless of the type of art you’re interested in, an art advisor will be able to help you in a plethora of ways.

Not only can you expect to be given professional advice and insight into the world of art, but you’ll also be able to learn more about keeping art in the best condition for long periods.

Art advisors inform you on the most suitable ways to keep your art safe, as well as give expert advice on which frames to use, how lighting can affect certain pieces and why the conditions you keep your art in matter so greatly. All these factors are key when it comes to collecting valuable art.


The Difference Between Art Advisors and Art Consultants

Whether it’s private or public, art consultants work on projects that are primarily focused on contemporary art and commission pieces for a more ample client base.

Art advisors are more focused on working closely with individuals to build up their collections and give helpful advice about collating artwork for both pleasure and investment purposes. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the two.


Art Advisors

Although art advisors and art consultants both have a keen eye for detail, advisors work directly with individual clients and tailor their expertise to find pieces of artwork for their collection. Giving expert advice, art advisors guide their clients to make the best choices when it comes to investing in artwork.

Art advisors will perform extensive research on behalf of their clients and even go as far as to attend private viewings, auctions and sales to source new pieces for the collector. Typically, advisors will have extensive knowledge of specific art forms, which is ideal for investors wanting to get their hands on a particular piece.


Art Consultants

Art consultants primarily deal with contemporary art only and their field of work requires them to commission artists to produce pieces of artwork for both the public and private sectors. While an art consultant commissions bespoke pieces of art, advisors build their client’s collections over time.

Both art advisors and consultants have to be good at curating art, as well as having strong sales skills, arts management expertise and the ability to negotiate on behalf of their clients.


How Art Investments Can Help

Here at Art Investments, we understand the difficulty of finding ideal art pieces to add to your collection. Our team have proficient knowledge and experience giving professional advice to clients, helping them find their dream piece.

We can help our wide array of clients generate between 8% and 12% profit from art investment. Guiding our buyers to make the right investments that will benefit them over time, we maintain close-knit relationships with advisors, consultants and clients.

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