How To Buy Contemporary Wall Art UK

How To Buy Contemporary Wall Art UK

Discover the captivating world of contemporary wall art, a trend revitalising the UK interior scene with vibrant creativity.

“Contemporary art” spans from the 1960s to today, embodying living artists and a modern spirit, drawing inspiration from diverse sources.

Influenced by diverse philosophies, past movements, and evolving society, contemporary art mirrors culture, diversity, technology, and global challenges.

In this blog, we unravel the secrets to acquiring contemporary wall art that resonates with your style, space, and sensibilities.

It will explore the key factors that will shape your purchasing decisions and allow you to curate a collection that echoes your style.


Understand Your Space and Style

Knowing your space and style is really important because it helps you make your home comfortable and show your personality.

When you understand the colours, feel, and mood you like, you can choose furniture, decorations, and art that go nicely together. This makes your place feel like your own, look good, and truly represent you.

Consider your room’s colours, ambience, and the atmosphere you wish to bring to life. When choosing art prints, consider the following information to understand how colours and emotions are directly linked and can influence the ambience of your surroundings.

  • Natural colours: happiness, comfort and warmth
  • Warm colours: red, orange and yellow
  • Cool colours: green, blue and purple
  • Happy colours: yellow, orange, pink, red, peach, light pink and lilac
  • Sad colours: grey, brown, beige and dark blue
  • Calming colours: blue, green, baby blue, lilac, mint, white and grey
  • Energising colours: bright red, yellow, neon green, turquoise, magenta and emerald green
  • Grey-tones: serious, professional, reliable
  • White: simple, peaceful, elegant, cold
  • Balck: sophisticated, classic, serious
  • Brown: warm, grounded, practical, comforted
  • Green: fresh, balanced, calm


Whichever ambience you decide to create, adding wall art should harmonise seamlessly with your surroundings. Let’s explore how!


Explore Your Artistic Options

Exploring your creative options is important because it will help you choose artwork that matches your style, enriches your area, and provides a pleasant atmosphere.

Consider varied styles to build emotional connections, improve creativity, and assure long-term satisfaction with your decisions.

Furthermore, diversifying art selections may spark conversations, engage visitors, and support various artists. This depends on the style and feelings that you want to achieve.

Popular methods include adding art with distinctive features such as neon signs, outdoor canvas, elegant frames, and vibrant abstract pieces.

All of these contribute to a meaningful and attractive living environment that will allow you to feel proud and thrive.

Now that you have an understanding of the different options available, read on to learn what to look out for when purchasing art.


Navigate Sellers and Artists

Knowing how to navigate sellers and artists when buying contemporary art is important because it helps you make informed and trustworthy choices.

When you understand how to find reliable sellers and authentic artists, you can ensure that you’re investing in genuine and high-quality artwork.

This knowledge safeguards you from potential scams or low-quality pieces. Additionally, it allows you to explore a diverse range of options, discover unique artworks, and potentially support emerging talents.

Ultimately, this skill ensures that your art collection is not only aesthetically pleasing but also valuable and meaningful. With so many artists and sellers out there, you may feel like a grain of sand in the ocean when embarking on your investment journey.

At Art Investments, we understand this, and you can trust that our pieces are completely authentic and safe. Our friendly team is here to guide you through your investment options.

Now you are aware of the safety precautions, let’s explore how to decide if a piece is right for you to invest in.


The Art of Choice

Picking the right contemporary art for investment goes beyond looks; it’s about making smart choices that could grow in value. Think of personalised gifts as not just heartfelt presents, but also potential assets.

Whether you go for a bold centrepiece or subtle accents, you’re not only decorating your space but also making an investment in pieces that might become more valuable over time.

It’s like putting together a collection that means something to you and could also be a good financial move in the future.


Why Quality and Framing Matter

When considering an investment in contemporary art, quality and framing cannot be overlooked. Opting for premium materials, like carefully framed limited editions, offers both sophistication and protection for your artwork.

Additionally, art is known for its ability to increase in value over time, and opting for higher-quality materials increases the chances of appreciation and desirability.

Furthermore, quality is vital, especially when considering a purchase for the outdoor environment in the UK.

With unpredictable weather conditions, higher-quality materials are more likely to survive. It also helps to connect both indoor and outdoor spaces in an artistic manner.


Budget-Friendly Purchases

You don’t need a fortune to bring captivating contemporary art into your home. In fact, you can explore your art investment opinions for just £3,000. At Art Investments we believe that financial investments should be available to everyone to start creating wealth for your future.

Remember that your artwork has the potential to increase by 8-12% in value over the long term. At Art Investments, we listen to you and provide advice in relation to your personal wants and needs. We use our sage knowledge and experience to point you in the right financial direction to benefit your future.

When making any investment, it is a wise idea to only use the disposable money that you have available to protect your financial situation. However, investing in artwork has had historical returns and is repeatedly considered a safe investment option.

While contemporary wall art can transform your home, it can also transform your financial situation over time for the better.


Invest in Contemporary Art Today

As you immerse yourself in the realm of contemporary wall art in the UK, remember that art serves as more than just decoration; it’s a reflection of your personal essence.

At LJS Accounting Solutions, we extend an invitation to explore the exhilarating journey of art investment. Each brushstroke carries the potential to not only enrich your living spaces but also diversify your financial portfolio.

Enter a space where you discover your preferences, explore various artistic options, and connect with trustworthy sellers. With every step, a layer of enchantment is added.

Revealing your chosen masterpiece is a testament to your unique style and the potential value of art investment.

Beyond aesthetics, investing in art offers a range of benefits:

  • Diversification: Art adds tangible, non-correlated assets to your investment portfolio.
  • Cultural Legacy: Art pieces can evolve into cherished family legacies and be passed down through generations.
  • Personal Enjoyment: Your chosen artworks provide daily inspiration and visual pleasure.
  • Potential Value Appreciation: Strategic investments could lead to significant financial gains over time.
  • Intellectual Stimulation: Engaging with art fosters critical thinking and appreciation for creativity.


Allow your walls to articulate your narrative through the captivating world of contemporary art. For deeper insights, explore our informative blogs on Art Investments. Your journey towards potential financial prosperity begins right here.

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